23 and Sunny is a people-focused promotional company.
We work with a purposely selected client base to ensure attention, service and effective programming.

23 and Sunny partners with clients to build their business through creative promotional ideas and dedicated focus. We grow businesses by putting plans and programs into place that encourage clients, motivate employees, and accentuate the brand.


23 and Sunny is a Promotional Agency that provides a strategic, brand-focused  approach to delivering recognition and rewards tools. Our clients demand member and stakeholder satisfaction, and we are experts in delivering on the smallest details, because it provides assurance that the big details are already covered.


23 and Sunny is operated by Dave Vogel, a registered CPGA Professional and businessperson who has successfully worked in high-margin industries and membership-driven businesses for his entire career.


We love to work with clients to drive their business. Partner with 23 and Sunny and experience dedicated focus and creative promotional ideas that will not only drive your brand, but drive your people.

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Our strategic, brand-focused approach to providing recognition and rewards tools is built on three pillars - brand recognition, client recognition, and employee recognition. People are fundamental to the marketing process, because your business is people-driven.

Recognition and rewards programs are positive initiatives that champion and support positive actions. Creative rewards incentivize and accelerate success by creating moments and experiences that are personally motivating, and they build stronger brands in the process.


Client recognition demonstrates how important their business is to you. It builds relationships, shows appreciaton, and reminds them of your gratitude (and your brand) each time they encounter the branded item.


Your logo is the strongest representation of your brand, and it deserves to be shared and remembered in premium ways. We will find strategic brand recognition items that will be received with appreciation, used with pride, and recognized as a demonstration of your professional partnership.


Employee recognition is always good for business. Show appreciation, reward excellence, and foster a culture of achievement.